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8th International Nursing Conference October 27-28, 2011(詳細版)

Dear whom it may concern,
This is the secretariat of 8th International Nursing Conference. 
As we have contacted you before regarding the conference, our organizing committee has spent all our efforts and time to make this conference successful.
This biennial conference takes place in Seoul, from October 27 to 28 this year, under the theme of “Nursing Education: New Paradigm for Global Environment.”
International Nursing Conference has been successful over the years since the first conference in 2001,
gathering more than 500 participants including internationally renowned scholars, professionals, and leaders in the nursing field.
The 8th International Nursing Conference will be a great opportunity to share and discuss various nursing education issues and policies and build better nursing education system around the world. World’s prominent scholars such as Christine A Tanner, professor at Oregon Health & Science University, will participate in the conference as a keynote speaker and share their insight of the nursing education.
With respect to this, we would like to cordially request you to distribute the following link and the attached newsletter to the members of your association.
           Link : http://inc2011.org/letter/inc2011_letter3.html
Deadline for online abstract submission is July 15. More information is available at the conference website: http://www.inc2011.org. Should you have enquiries, please submit your enquiries through e-mail at secretariat@inc2011.org.
Donovan Kang
Secretariat, 8th International Nursing Conference
Tel: 82 2 2269 4381
Fax: 82 2 2269 4380